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These Are the Times to Remember...

We are taught to live in the moment, as the stigma of a dark future within adulthood continues to fluster the youth.


“These are the days to hold on to, cause we won’t although we’ll want to.”- Billy Joel

He’s damn right. Well, at least in general. I’m a 15 year old high schooler, and according to society and most that came before me, this will be the best time of my life. I will never be happier, I will never reach a higher point, and down the road I will look back and reminisce about these days and miss them dearly.

You can’t be serious.

I love school, the positives outweigh the negatives by a long shot. But, to believe that these days of my childhood will be the best I will ever experience, I just can't stand to think.

Although school had been a positive experience thus far, there have been dips. There are people that simply aren’t cut for the world of tomorrow; they won’t last to see the light of day once they have the freedom of adulthood. I hold no doubt against anyone, but there are simply some people that I cannot have faith in.

It seems as though these people are living in the moment all too much.

They are a diverse group of people, yet they all fit into one. They don’t give a damn about their grades, and they refuse to branch out from people that are just like themselves. They’re the kind of people that cause the question of why there are urinals in the Juul Room.

Perhaps their 'id' is in overdrive, what they want is now, and instant gratification is a must. These kinds of kids have no work ethic, they have no future, but they have plenty of weed.

Is there no hope within the youth?

Is this generation being a so called 'savior' a lost cause?

Despite the argument above, I tend to disagree.

The reason that people are nostalgic about high school and that we are pressured to embrace the moment we have is because their futures are already set in stone.

They live to socialize, they live in the now. They live to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, and to vape their dreams away. Without any regard to the future, these kids have unconsciously shaped a path for themselves that goes literally nowhere. Lord knows where they will be 20 years down the line, after all, they did peak in high school.

Although this stigma surrounds the youth, there are plenty within my school that don’t fall into it. The others are scholars or athletes, or both. They’re enjoying high school, but their life doesn’t revolve around the moment. They’re putting in the work now, so they can live life later.

I hope I fall into the latter.

Everybody knows about the ‘book,’ but I hope that it’s just the beginning of something greater. Of course I enjoyed the moment of when it was released, the Sunday night of May 5th, 2019. That is a day I will never forget, banging ‘Centuries’ by Fall Out Boy at full volume on shitty earbuds. Seeing 100 plus people text me about it, buying it or congratulating me.

I was living in the moment, but I’m hopeful to create more down the line. I aspire to feel those feelings again and again, for those feelings of accomplishment are second to none.

Yes, society is correct, these are the times to remember. But, I also think there will be many more to come, like potentially raising a family, or one day hoping to change the world for good.

Hopes are nothing without work ethic, but together the sky's the limit. I believe that I’ll be able to reminisce positively about my childhood later, but I’m afraid I’ll be too busy living in the moment then.

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