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Welcome to Deadly Grievances, a collection of poetry and art lifted from the ashes of the fireplace. 


Kristian Zenz presents a chapbook of fourteen poems exploring our world of emotion-- love, hate, angst, happiness, fear, and more. He dives into the deepest of trenches to uncover how the holiday season tends to perhaps enhance, or perhaps suffocate our expression of how we really feel.


The chapbook paints a compelling picture, featuring the writer's dive into social issues, the commercialization of tradition, as well as personal reflection regarding his relationships, inhibitions and character. The book covers each of the seven deadly sins, and then moves on to the five stages of grief, capped off with two poems regarding repentance, making for a compelling journey meant to be read front to back.


Within his first chapbook and second book published, Kristian Zenz lures readers in with unique delivery infected by the angst of the youth, converging such with the sophistication and clarity of a tried and true writer.



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In a world of digitzed euphoria, the lights shine bright. The future that humans have desired has finally arrived. The year is 2050, and all that shines is gold, except for one man. 

Named Patrick Shields, the man is a dark spot in such a world. His distaste for technology has become notorious to all who know him. Perhaps, he is just a precursor to what lies ahead. Patrick himself doesn't know what is coming, but he is going to do whatever it takes to change the future for all of mankind. Even if that includes embracing what he hates. 

In this novel, a man whose experiences with technology and society drive him to change the past, in order to save the future. 

This novel is available on Amazon, Archway Publishing, and Barnes and Noble. Also, it is available in the library of Nathan Hale High School, but what are the chances you go there?

Comes in paperback and E-Book formats, $18.99 and $3.99. (PRICE MAY VARY BASED ON WEBSITE)

More coming soon...

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