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Interview: BOLD Journey

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

A derivate of VoyagePhoenix has returned, and they have created a new interview with me. Check out as section of it below; the link to read the rest of the interview can be found at the bottom of the excerpt.

Kristian , so good to have you with us today. We’ve got so much planned, so let’s jump right into it. We live in such a diverse world, and in many ways the world is getting better and more understanding but it’s far from perfect. There are so many times where folks find themselves in rooms or situations where they are the only ones that look like them – that might mean being the only woman of color in the room or the only person who grew up in a certain environment etc. Can you talk to us about how you’ve managed to thrive even in situations where you were the only one in the room?

This journey of believing in myself, despite my differences, has been a long, non-linear process. I think the pain in the growth sustained from such pain is really what put me over the edge in order to come to terms with my true self. This is a wonderful question because this is exactly how I felt throughout high school as well as eighth grade, even. I never really felt like I fit in during high school. I never really felt like I was treated as an equal, so I did my best to try and be as equal as possible especially during freshman year. This iteration of me was largely an empty shell of who I truly am. I wanted to impress others to their own standards and lost sight of my own. Since then, I have grown and pushed through turmoil, and have emerged on the side side as a better version of my true self— the self that was evident as early as elementary school. Sometimes, I still am the only one in the room. My third book is having a release party, thanks to the help of the office staff at my on-campus job— my fellow coworkers seem to be unaware of it, or ignoring it. They will never really understand the dedication and hard work I have put into my craft, three times over. What drives me to be successful and to keep pushing are these instances. Rather than let them hold me back, I ask myself what I could do to get their attention. More is required on my end, and I’m fine with it.

Great, so let’s take a few minutes and cover your story. What should folks know about you and what you do?

Simply put, I am a writer. Sometimes, my passion for this artistic craft drives me over the edge, and off the cliff into panic, but usually I’m able to maintain a steady pace. I aim to be a voice for those who feel as if theirs is reminiscent of a ghost— transparent, shallow, invisible. I feel at many times my own voice is still not heard, as the ultimate aim of mine is to make this Earth a better place. No matter how cliche the phrase sounds, it’s really what I’d like to do. I’d like to decrease the suffering through my writing, and acknowledge the hard work of the ‘average’ student, worker, or parent. My aim is to rid our culture of these terms, for none of these people are ‘normal’— they are unique, hardworking, and they matter. If they cannot have a voice on how Earth is, what Earth is, and what Earth should be then I aim to be that voice for them.

I write stories to represent others or myself, and through many different lenses. These lenses include poems, spoken-word, novels, essays, articles, and sometimes even visual art. My art doesn’t limit itself to the confines of what mass media looks for. I aim to make my work as authentic as possible and as representative as possible of the common man, or of the common 19-year-old that exists today. That’s who I am, and nothing more, for now.

My second poetry collection, and third book overall was released on March 21 via Amazon. It’s titled Vernacular Whirlwind, and is a whirling dervish of all kinds of influences, and is about all kinds of people. I suppose the primary message of the book is that despite all our differences, we really are all the same, when the snow melts and all is revealed.


Read the rest of the interview here:

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