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Ice Breaker


There’s a wind advisory wailing on the radio.

Tension is building from the seat of the starboard,

as I witness what the water offers me.

My anchor is up; I’m ready to go.

My radar is clear from Superior to the north shore:

I’m docking my ship to Sault Sainte Marie.

To the harbor of work, I’ll drive my ship.

To the harbor of work, we all drive our ships.

Each one has a nameplate and a reputation,

How much will we share? It’s up for interpretation.

I take her with me anywhere, I take her here and there,

“You’re an author?”--a question I hear everywhere.

If you like first impressions, I’ll dock my ship into your headspace,

Pushing through wind and indigo haze.

I like the water: icy, cold and deep.

There’s potential here for me to make a mark.

I like the lake, vast, in which we keep

It empty just for someone special, like you or me.

I like the water: quiet, low and deep.

There’s just enough room for me to start.

I like the lake: unforgiving, but shall we

Take a look at my desired reality?

Smooth sailing is what I like.

I can sleep on small waves and tides in the night.

As far as the eye can see,

My career trajectory is surely obstacle free.

But then there’s ice up ahead. Icebergs talk to me, they make me feel sad.

God dammit, more ice. What is one to do? I’m sick of playing it nice.

I have my ice breaker, a sturdy foundation and the highest mast.

I've been waiting to show it off for years; now I will at last.

I like to shove my ice breaker up peoples noses and immerse it into their bed of roses with a straight stem bow.

I like to put my ice breaker in quotations and deliver it in dismissive presentation with ever-evolving know-how.

I like to push my ice breaker right through the icebergs, the size of which never more absurd.

I like to use my ice breaker, it highlights my reputation, which—surprise!— was usually unheard.

Watch the weak ice crack and creak.

Watch the public quiver and hide.

Watch my inferiority melt into the lake, superiority complex wreaking havoc on those learning my name.

Watch the weak ice melt away.

Laugh as your public enemy dies.

Watch my ego rain, mist and sleet, for today I am unmatched

in terms of a resume.

Small craft vessels: Advise and beware

My ice breaker will break your soul

without resistance and with unwavering flair.

Small ships docking: Watch out for the bold.

I will be such until my ship sinks,

a story Gordon Lightfoot once told.

There’s a wind advisory wailing on the radio.

Tension is building from the seat of the starboard.

But, the ice broke.

I am pleased.


Artwork: Ariya Ventz

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