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Elongated Muskrat



One day I will know

What I would like to be

Then I will rise up—

In God’s ecstasy—

In breaking the barrier

And saving grace for the Earth.

I can’t co-depend,

I can’t recommend

My freedom, my future

For the mild and dead.

But I do take my trust

And have it combust—

To the place that I call Home.

Call me a bastard,

Or a tycoon,

But I’m gonna go further—

Afar from the Moon.

In laden space, I fly Falcon Nine

For God’s work can’t just take my time.

My troops that are broken

May give a good notion

To fix my past,

Or break it wide open.

This Trek weighs a ton

Yet all in good fortune—

Spare dead droids for me,

A branch will not.

And when I do run out

Of God’s will to be,

Take damnation for granted

And turn it to sand, it

Will leave all the space

For building grace of New Earth.

My starship is imperial

And my moods are mercurial,

But that is just a ploy.

Come to me, the Sun

It’s good for everyone

A star built to destroy.

Let the old Earth burn…

The sky, the lies, the dirt,

Let the new Earth shine

Like my beady, restless eyes.

My bonds are sealed,

My pain is healed,

And if you may leave

I’ll say I left first.

For I’ll say what I see

Was not worth my time.

In time, above all I’m sure

It’s better to leave

Then to be replaced

And yet, you tug on these strings

For the saving grace of new Earth.

Of the whole damn Earth.


Artwork is a heavily edited image of the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket launching into space, September 4, 2022.

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