Toys Were Us


“Stop believing in the past you breathe,

or it’ll live long enough to deceive.

No one’s getting younger,

so why choose the old?”

What once was summer soon turned to fall,

and now our dreams are stuck in a St. Vincent de Paul.

On the discount rack, first one to look runs away in heart attack.

What happened to the long nights of long ago?

What became of the water gun fights we used to know?

Something that never changes is our longing for fun,

An ode to losing orange nerf bullets in the bright summer sun.

Become another kid that capitalized on creativity,

What friends, I ask? Long out of reach, never in proximity.

“Your past is your foe.

It’s time to let go.

Put your passion into the nights indigo

And sigh in shame.

It’s been too long, and you’ve surely changed.”

The youth in us all has a greed for curiosity

and suddenly the building blocks of our childhood grow an animosity.

We read The Giving Tree and on the 24th question what is wrapped underneath.

What happened to the high of holiday vertigo?

What happened to game nights monopolized by Hasbro?

We are all in a world that is blessed with creation

but once we’re eighteen we become immersed in indoctrination.

Perhaps my traditional obsession isn’t meant to be

but I’d rather not talk about what grade school tried to do to me.

And now I don’t believe

what’s up the adolescent sleeve.

It stole my childhood like a thief

Or at least tried, but please:

You all said I was wrong, now stop and let it freeze.

If we close our eyes

don’t look, see or peek

we can breathe free.

Retrieve an open mind

and we will never be deceived

and we can live easy.

What we love is what we love,

and it’s never done us wrong.

Once we terminate old beliefs

The charm remains with you and me.

It’s still in us, just deep inside.

Inhibition has a tendency to hide,

But if you replant the seed

you too can be free.

Stop believing in future they preach,

or it’ll live long enough to deceive.

No one’s getting younger,

so why choose the old?


Artwork: Aylani Roman

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