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Three Headed Hydra (Nativity Scene)


Earth would close its many doors,

slamming each in a synchronized roar.

I opened my eyes upon the new dawn,

to enjoy the presentation of it all.

Gone were the days of taking notes,

forged in pedigree scrawl.

Here the words I wrote

grew legs and away would crawl.

I'm a fashionable perennial bloom,

caught in a change of time.

Gone with the wind, it was all too soon,

my past was no longer mine.

Born into a new world,

I was presented with gifts abound.

Immersed in presence of the unheard,

three wise heads I am blessed to shift around.

The youngest of three, Gold she would give.

Need not to harness the shine, I would.

Your presence: I will understand, admit

to not knowing you well, I should.

The middle of three, Myrrh she would give.

The pleasure would strike consistently.

Your presence: the light of life, inhibit

the tension that is building persistently.

The elder of three, Frankincense she gave.

By the name of Abraham, of evil you rid me.

Your presence: essential through the night, you made

me unlock this tension building persistently.

They desired my company

from spring to fall

and when winter came

I wished to stand tall.

They embraced my complexity

the next spring to fall

and when summer came

I should have ended it all.

The three would control me

from spring to fall

and when autumn came

I'd have to end it all.

Thrown in waters not preferred,

I was tangled in words aloof.

The three heads of the women converged

and thus Hydra had living proof.

I got caught in the perennial doom,

caught in the death of a time.

Gone with the wind, sharp like a harpoon,

The serpentine sucked the blood of mine.

Gone was the family for which I hoped,

forged in pedigree scrawl.

Here, Hydra that I loathed

grew legs and away would crawl.

Hydra opened its many pores,

melting poison through the floor.

I would close my eyes at the crucified dawn,

but I did enjoy the presentation of it all.


Artwork: Kristian Zenz

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