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Updated: Oct 13, 2021


Part two to ‘Whiplash.’

A revelation has awoken.. KZ



...I guide my focus to the revelation

And it has arrived, it is here

I hear their song;

I know what’s wrong.

The castle in white is under siege

And so is my own faith.

My neutrality: ill perceived

And thus is my own fate.

Oh, let the silence penetrate,

A message stronger than those

adorning the color of that same old

Decrepit house.

Oval officials serve right to suffer,

As they all live in sin.

Deep rooted contradiction

Instilled right within.

Something usual, I admit

Something more of the same has occurred

Yet I feel it has never been this absurd.

Reject the evolution. Reprise the revolution.

I tell them all,

A revolt will awaken...

When they can’t create, when they can’t become who they want to be, when they have nothing left to lose.

They come and go in phases, night after night the sunset penetrates the eyes filled with tear gas and filled with shadows of their brothers and sisters taken away by the hand,

The hand of those do not value a single life except for their own.

They have ninety-nine problems: What the blues think isn’t one.

Ninety-nine problems is not enough to the privileged man,

For he has none.

Mystical rhythms palpitate

As cops kneel on the vertebrae

Of a system that seeks capitulation

From those who seek annihilation.

Mystical marches palpitate

As protesters drown out the hate

Of a system that seeks ramification

From those who are in frustration.

A revelation of such a great size

Was created by whiplash, by waves of great tide.

Motivation to unite, not destroy.

Motivation to fill in cracks and heal the void

Of a system that’s in alienation

To those who live in damnation.

Let me put the pieces together—

These fires burn in the most inclement weather!

I don’t want to be wrong;

I don’t believe in the right.

I want to be strong;

I believe in the fight.

The fight against those who seek capitulation;

The fight of those who seek annihilation.

It’s time to go...

It’s time to lift

The dead spirits off the cold floor.

Relay your focus,

Relay your drive.

Don’t forget what you’re looking for.

Let beauty arise from rubble.

Restoring faith out of trouble,

Hear a million voices roar.

Reject the evolution. Reprise the revolution.

It has been told:

A revolt has awoken.

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