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My Child's Earth

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The title for this poem was inspired by the 'Retreat from Racism,' as hosted by Margaret 'Peggy' Rozga and Dasha Kelley Hamilton, the 2019-20 and 21 Wisconsin Poet Laureates.

The prompt I selected was 'My Children's world...' now modifed, but the poetry following such remains.

Artwork: ‘River of Time’ by Jean D. Sobon.


My Child's Earth

My child's Earth

is free.

It's free of Third Street fires,

like today's world, that engulf me.

It’s free of screaming whiteheads

telling other colors they should be dead.

It’s free of knees on necks and free

of oil spilled shipwrecks.

It’s free of the one percent

who has the rest living a wreck.

But, it also breathes sighs of change that

rearrange stagnant ashes which

once remained in place.

It informs those of the old that what

they were told was weak

enough to fracture, like ice in the cold.

it sheds the mug of a society

that once had a complacent face

And opens a cornucopia of individuality

that shines a light of united euphoria.

it closes a door that in due time

would have been burned down

by the optimistic mind,

And embraces those subject to a fate that

was once one of discriminatory hate.

It creates a connection,

a joining of hands that

for many decades was in demand

And It reminds us all that

the reality of tomorrow was

the dream of today.

My Child's Earth is free.

It's free of people who I thought

were just like me.


Kristian Zenz

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